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MOVIE: "Fire In The Sky"
MOVIE: "Official Denial"
MOVIE: "The Sender"
MOVIE: "Communion"
"The X Files" 4x24: "Gethsemane" (Part 1/3)
The X Files may be ending, but now prepare to see it in a whole new way...

The X Files: Season 5  in Widescreen

Exclusively in the Action Zone this May...
In the aftermath of Max's death and rebirth, a glitch anoints Michael as the new king of the aliens -- and slowly diminishes Max's special powers.

Roswell: Who Died And Made You King?

April 23rd @ 9PM on ETN!
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Only on ETN!
When the human citizens of Roswell begin turning green, it's up to the Pod Squad to find out what's really going on before the real aliens are exposed...

Roswell: Little Green Men

The third exclusive miniseries based on the hit television show
Weeknights @ 7PM only on ETN
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"Revenge Of Zen-Aku"

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