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(Last updated 06/15/2002)

Power Rangers' 11th season title revealed - Power Rangers Ninja Storm will air in 2003 on ABC

Clock Will Keep Running For "24" - The series will keep its real-time format; Season 1 DVDs planned

DVD/CD/Theatrical releases revealed - All dates are subject to change

UPN Cancels Roswell - Series finale airs May 14th [SciFi article] ['s renewal efforts]

SciFi's Roswell / X-Files Deal Details Revealed - $65.7 million for X-Files; $7.8 million for Roswell

SciFi Channel aquires Roswell & X-Files repeats - Repeats to begin in Fall 2002

Roswell may be heading to SciFi channel
- Producer Jonathan Frakes shopping Roswell to other nets

Power Rangers Time Force nominated for Emmy!
- "Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing"

Fox draws deal for 'DragonBall' live-action pics - Fox has acquired feature film rights to "DragonBall"

Roswell Soundtrack one of's Top Selling CDs - As of this report, it's reached #11

Roswell DVDs are in the works - Confirmation from Peter Staddon from 20th Century Fox.

Roswell Soundtrack - A soundtrack to the hit TV series will be released on Feb. 26th.

UPN has ordered to tear apart Roswell set - Confirmation from Majandra Delfino's online diary.

Learn How Roswell Ends! - Spoilers from Roswell's final episodes of season three.

Power Rangers Wild Force press release - The 10th season of Power Rangers begins Feb. 9th.

ABC Family Announces Kids Block - Includes 7 hours of Power Rangers a week; begins Mar. 2nd.

ABC Family's Kids Block schedule changes - Iron Man & Fantastic Four gone; Weekday PR change.

Fox to close X-Files in May - the award-winning TV series ends with a 2-hour finale on May 19th.

X-Files Fifth Season DVDs
- The 6-disc set will be released on 5/14, for the 1st time in widescreen.

Duchovny to appear in X-Files series finale
- Duchovny will also write one of the final episodes.

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