Prometheus Realm : Alien Hunter Quotes

The Alien Hunter Quotes mostly originate from the chat server, in the #dominion chat room. Most of these quotes are funny but some may find them immature and sickening.

Current count (as of last update): 4400

Alright, here is the link. Remember, this is here for viewing only. Do not place these in your own quoter or you just may spoil the fun of everyone who visits this page (That means that the link below will disappear)...

Quotes of the Update


Yup, still lazy. And with the whole "SciFi chat being killed by the Feminazi" thing, I'm not really in the mood for making this part of the page anymore...


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Sorry, but I'm simply too lazy too pick out all those quotes...
Maybe once the next hundred quotes are collected, I won't be so lame. Kthnx.