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Big Numbers

N-Hyumin really wanted others to know what was doing - 10055 descriptions alltogether.
 [22:24:48] * N-Hyumin continues walking
Deaft0ne didn't get it on the first time and got kicked out for 10 times.
 [23:52] <Deaft0ne> its not
[23:52] *** Deaft0ne was kicked by Trix (pissing me off)
AenHne knew what to say and said "Flood" for 196 times.
Loudest one was Kmh with yell percentage of 80%!

Second loudest on the block: TheGreatandPowerful-OZ - 71% with high volume!

N-Hyumin spoke most monologues - wrote over 5 lines in a row for 1146 times...

Runner-up auto-chatter: Psykosonik - spoke 672 times with himself.

N-Hyumin had sticky Shift button - wrote 9276 lines in CAPS.
 [22:54] <N-Hyumin> PLRZA

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